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The Novica Handmade Necklace is a captivating arrangement of intrinsic ornaments combined to create an endless possibility for its wearer.


More About Novica Handmade Necklace

This necklace and matching pair of golden earrings can be worn with either traditional or formal outfits. It is ideal for romantic dinners, birthdays, wedding ceremonies and low key formal events such as conferences and meetings.


Meanwhile, this Novica Handmade neck set is a captivating arrangement of golden, red and earth-colored bulbs and trinkets with a unique pendant which makes it appealing to the eyes. Its combination of golden, red and silver colors is the reason you might like to have this necklace in your jewelry collection.


Suppose you are looking for one piece of jewelry that can do justice to any outfit and occasion, we’ll strongly recommend that you go with this Novica classic. It is equally a memorable souvenir for a loved one.

Novica handmade Necklaces

$75.00 Regular Price
$56.25Sale Price
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