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Elegant Red and Silver Bridal Coral Beads Jewelry Set Red African Real Coral Beads Women Jewelry Set Weight 0.20kg


More About Real Coral Bead Necklace

Real Coral Bead is a special design meant to help its adorners make a true African impression. It is an array of red spherical and cylindrical coral beads mixed up with a unique accent of silver corals creating a possibility of being worn with a wider range of African styles.


This Real Coral Bead is ideal for special occasions like birthday parties, traditional marriage and naming ceremonies. This piece of jewelry pairs well with white, silver, blue, green or yellow color outfits such as skirts, blouses, gowns or wrapper and blouse of any color.

Real Coral Bead Necklace

SKU: 1
$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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