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9+ Best Ways To Pick Your Outfit Color Successfully

Updated: May 16, 2021

Have you ever been in a position where you find it difficult to mix the right colors for your outfits, or have you been ridiculed for mixing lemon green and red wrongly or more terrible color mixtures? You do not have to worry! All colors are beautiful in their unique way, whether it is natural or artificial mixtures.

Many people settle for black, white, and other less attractive colors because they cannot precisely style many different colors they own in their closet.

But fear not! Color mixing can be perfect on anything as long as you have the right mixture. Blending colors for your clothes should be handled with much sensitivity. Mixing colors is the art of matching various plains and patterns in an outfit and creating your fantastic new look.

A short story of mixing outfit colors

Valerie is my friend; she had issues with mixing colors for her workday outfits. She usually puts on the wrong mixtures that do not tell well on her appearance.

She has countless pieces of clothing in her wardrobe with all the colors in the world you can think of. She wears the right shoes (black and white), but for color mixing on her attire, no idea how to go about it.

She needs a change—a new style.

Then I introduced her to the 15 color combinations I chose when I had problems with color mixing. I will tell you about them right away.


Out of all the colors globally, I have chosen these color combos to help you dress that will give you a perfect look.

These are the exact colors I gave to Valerie.

Before I go into listing these colors for you, there is one thing that will help You get a perfect match. You will not need to call a friend to find out which colors will match the other.

Guess what it is?

Making Use Of A color wheel

As a beginner, I recommend a color wheel for you, because it solved my problem. I trust it will do you good. You might need to take the chart with you on your phone or put it in your room if you must do so. This way, you can confidently match your shirts and trousers in creative ways.

And you can now buy those outfits that you feel did not matter because you do not know how to match them before now. Like the patterned shirts and plain clothing you will love to have.

Just in case you need to know. Sir Isaac Newton developed the color wheel in 1666—based on his research on color theory. It helped me to identify colors that complement one another and the ones that cause disagreement.

1. You can wear Black, Brown, Grey or White with any other color.

They are cool colors. But avoid wearing these colors head to toe black on black, brown on brown, grey on grey, and white, except for tangible reasons.

2. Use dark colors on light colors

  • Like bright red on dark green.

  • Do not wear a patterned shirt over patterned trousers.

  • If you want to wear more than two pieces of cloth, it is better to make one piece of clothing patterned. M Solid color shirt on a solid color trouser with a patterned blazer on will match.

3. Purple shirt or top on white trousers

White goes with anything. Nothing looks fantastic than when it’s mixed with purple. It makes your outfits lovely. You can also combine your attire with some gold and silver accessories.

4. Purple and coral

Here, you wear purple and coral with confidence. It will make a perfect outfit. You can try a coral top, match it with a lilac bag or shoe, and with some gold accessories.

5. Pink and Grey

Baby Pink and grey is a lovely look. It can go together for a longer time. Also, a dark grey pant trouser with a baby pink top can look as perfect as ever. You can match your accessories with the same colors.

6. Orange and Black or blue

This color scheme is just perfect to use for a color blocking style. Go for blue or black pants and add an orange top or pick a piece that mixes well. Get a nude shoe. It will give you just the right outfit. Like I said earlier, black clothing can do with any other colors. But do not rest here. Try different colors without using black.

7. Tan and maroon

Be careful with mixing tans and light neutral colors. It can be hard to style and leave you looking bad in your appearance. But style tan with deep rich color like maroon. Fashion experts had advised you to stay off from keeping the same color setting from head to toe. You do not need to keep this rule.

8. Cobalt blue and turquoise

Try to Combine cobalt blue with turquoise, and you will be amazed by the brightness and powerful color match. You do not need neutral colors. It is one of those combinations that can look perfect with both silver and gold accessories.

A regal blue dress mixed with a casual flat turquoise shoe will see you looking stunning without having the kind of occasion it is in mind.

9. Green and yellow

Looks unique on most different kind of skin complexions

A warm-toned person should focus on mustard, khaki, and dark green attire. At the same time, cool-toned can lighten up an outfit when you add bright yellows and fresh greens.

10. Pale blue on pink

Baby pinks and blues might be a deceiving mix. But when styled appropriately, they catch every eye that cares to see. This combination works well with a white stiletto shoe.

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