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Top 10 Qualities of Good Fashion Designer

Updated: May 27, 2021

How do I know if I am a good fashion designer? Being creative defines who you are and what you are capable of doing. One of the creative people on earth is fashion designers. They are also known as fashion creators. They cover a larger capacity both on the cultural and social scales and influence us with the qualities of their works.

Have you ever thought of a world without them? No, do not even think about it; it can not be possible. In this circle, we have more competitors, like many, you can think of or see. But the traits of a good fashion designer make the difference among every other dress creators.

Being a good fashion designer is beyond creativity and stretching a garment. The qualities come with skills and passion. It is inborn, but some designers need to be tutored to possess this characteristic.

Tracey's Story

Tracey is a teenage girl of 18. She has got some talents. Like, singing, reading, writing, and stretching whatever comes to mind. Of all these gifts, she did not find fulfillment. She wants to know her point of focus, what she wants to do with her life instead of being a jack of all trades.

Tracey decides to relax and seek counsel later. While walking around the sitting room, she found a very famous magazine she has overlook for weeks for reasons known to her. She did not understand why she has refused to touch the magazine, but she took it to keep her mind busy this time.

Flipping through the pages, she found the story of one of the famous fashion designers Coco Chanel. Her story got her because they got a similar story. It is the moment that let Tracy re-discover her passion for fashion. So get her stretching materials. She thought of creating a lovely black dinner dress. And guess what, it brought joy and fulfillment to her.

Do you care to know the rest of the story?

Here! Tracey reveals her stretch to a professional fashion designer who encouraged her to make more stretches of a different kind of clothing, sell them and use her earnings to enroll in a fashion school.

She did exactly this, and today she is a professional dress creator.

Tracey Levi shared

Top 10 Traits of Good Fashion Designer

1. Creativity

Being creative tells more of your personality and ability. The first thing to know of a dress creator is diversity and strive for change. They create different garments styles of many kinds.

2. Ability to be competitive

A fashion designer should be a successful competitor. Be a designer with a difference. In other words, become one step ahead of others in every aspect of your field; it makes you attractive and trendy.

3. You have to know about the latest fashion trends

Get to know about the newest fashion. Have a good sight in anticipating what your audience will go for next. It could be weekly or daily. Just follow trends.

4. Good communication

A good fashion designer should be able to communicate what he or she has in mind. What their expectations and instructions are, thereby making it straightforward for everyone involved. If your vision is known to you alone, it could take your steps backward.

5. Able to make decisions

Have a mind of your own, do not go for anything anyone says.

Yes! You can have suggestions from different forms. But be able to make the right changes and choices at a given time.

6. Strong Visualisation is key

Before a designer kicks off with stretching, they already have an imaginary picture of what they want to do before making their vision visible to others.

7. Know the different fabric

Be knowledgeable about different kinds of materials suitable for every style of clothing that is made. Explore more on materials their texture.

8. Computer skills

It is a new age, and technology has taken over as a fashion designer should learn how to use computer graphics design programs to boost your ability to become a good designer.

9. Good sense of choosing a color

A good fashion designer should be conversant with color combinations. Knowing how to mix colors for every material is a credit to you.

10. Excellent drawing ability

Designers should draw the type of clothing they visualize manually before they commence the production process.

One thing the world's best fashion designers have in common is the uniqueness of their creativity. If you are thinking of venturing into the industry, consider the above qualities and let them have an influence on your daily activities. Get the best out of your best.

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