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Ladies Challenges choosing the best African outfits

Updated: May 16, 2021

How busy are you? And is busyness affecting your dressing as a woman? Now is the time we converse about choosing the best African outfit. Talking about what ladies should wear for a particular occasion or in different weather conditions will help them dress better. Today African dresses with modern influence become more the talk of the media. And you play a significant role to make it get into the global fashion mainstream.

We occupy ourselves with work, business, or family duties. Thereby neglect our outfits. It may interest you to know that you are what you wear. Whether you are a man or a woman, your choice of clothes says more about you. And we are going to look at it in-depth as you continue reading. However, our focus in this article remains solely on choosing the best African outfit for women but if you want to know more about picking casual female outfits click the above link.

What Experts Are Saying About Our Outfits

If you feel that it does not matter what you are wearing right now, look at what experts say about your outfit. When did modern humans start wearing clothes, and why did they make some dresses to suit particular purposes? We know choosing the best outfit can be challenging but following how fashion evolves, we see more styles to adapt, and old standards slowly fade away. The point is, are you meeting up with the modern clothing norm or too busy to take time for yourself?

Women, the state of having great things to do, has mostly hider us from keeping track of fashion. Imagine how busy we have become these days-from taking care of our household to pursuing our careers. To solve this! Slow down, love yourself and enjoy what you do.

My Story: An Encounter With Pretty Young Lady

Anyway, before I go into the dress style challenges, here's a short story.

I decided to stroll around my neighborhood on a beautiful calm evening, only for a pretty young lady coming behind to catch up with the movement.

She introduced herself as Silver Jones. We exchanged pleasantries.

Then she went on commenting and appreciating my evening simple wear.

Are you trying to guess what I was wearing? Here, I was casual in my outfit.

A pattern short dress, free and enjoy the evening, and flat fancy black slippers to match.

I was wondering why she adores my attire until she told me her challenge. She loves wearing pattern dresses, shirts, and all, all pattern wears.

Can you imagine?

She told me how she detests plain clothing as it makes her appear dull. This same attire has made people mocked and laugh at her dress style.

Wait for a second, this pattern outfit, is it not funny and crazy?

Advice has been given, but she cared - less. She enjoys what she wears and how she looks.

Most people do not care about what they do or how they present themselves to the world as long as they are happy. And everything is working out fine for them.

Everyone wants appreciation. Silver saw this dress style as a problem that needs to be solved, unfortunately.

I was quick to let her know she is not the only one facing a dress style issue.

Several ladies have this challenge.

Such as:

  1. Difficulty to figure out which accessories to wear for different outfits.

  2. Wearing undergarments that make your dressing awkward and messy.

  3. No idea of what to wear for an event you need to go to.

  4. Some dresses, shirts, or female pant trousers come with no pockets to contain a cell phone.

  5. You keep trying to force different styles that look bad on you. Losing the track to make yourself happy.

My challenge is at No. 3

The last number is exactly Silver's challenge.

She wants to be admired and adored. I gave her the contact of a famous fashion stylist.

So ladies, get a fashion stylist to assist you in choosing the best outfits.

The next time I met Silver, she was happier and grateful that her problem got fixed.

Tell us your fashion challenge and how you solved it.

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