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Real Coral Bead - Make An African Impression

Updated: May 7, 2021

Real Coral Bead is designed to help you make that true African impression.

A mixture of spherical and cylindrical red real coral beads uniquely paired with silver bead accents creating a possibility of being adorned with a wider range of African styles.

This neckpiece can be worn for special occasions like birthday parties, traditional marriages, naming ceremonies, etc. You can also wear it with matching traditional outfits such as white or silver-colored skirt and blouse or Buba or wrapper and blouses of any color.

Although the silver beads accent makes it gold color intolerant but the good thing about its color combination is that it is accommodating of a number of other colors such as blue, red yellow, and green. So in essence, you have one piece of jewelry that can serve for outfits of different colors.

The Real Coral Beads can also be used for traditional bridal outfits for couples of African origin. With its ability to match with a wider range of colors, this piece is a perfect gift for a friend or relative planning a traditional wedding ceremony or anniversary.

Matching outfits are sewn out of materials of lace, George or Ankara with a touch of silver will help to highlight the dazzling silver bead accents of this bead necklace and earrings. The Real Coral Beads look even more alluring when paired against a long modern gown with a highlight of silver and shoes and bag to match.

Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong adorning Real Coral Beads necklace and earrings.

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