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Crafted Handmade Necklace Sets

This African crystal bead necklace set is a unique handmade craft of its designers. A stylish two lines combo of purple bulb beads paired with puffs of smaller dark round beads in between. The jewelry can be adorned for almost any occasion one can think of. It is most suitable for a wedding anniversary, church and other special occasions that are African themed.

Its purple and black color combination makes it even more alluring when paired against a wider range of outfits including gowns, skirts, and blouses. It is not unusual to see fashion enthusiasts wearing this type of bead neck sets with less traditional outfits such as modern gowns, corporate wears sewn out of Ankara materials and other creative designs one can come up with.

The purple and black color combo of this necklace and its accompanying earrings create an aura of royalty around its design. It makes it an undeniably good choice for royal themed events and occasions with a background of purple or black.

Other colors of outfits that can be worn with this jewelry are red, yellow, white, silver and gold. I would suggest a long straight black gown to be worn with this neck set. You can also wear purple shoes and a purse to match. A purple headgear or shawl is not out of place if you have to wear one.

Whatever expectation you have for a special occasion, there is a good chance this thoughtfully handcrafted beads can be a piece of valid jewelry for your special occasion.

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