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Coral Crystal Necklace Set

Updated: May 7, 2021

This orange and milk color coral crystal necklace set is quite adorable jewelry that showcases African heritage. This can be worn with just about any traditional outfit and also pairs nicely with modern attires.

Its suitability for traditional occasions such as marriage ceremonies, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, and African-themed events have never been disputed. Olivia is a young American woman engaged to a sweet African man called Emeka. She loves him and plans not to let their cultural differences come in between their relationship.

On Olivia’s first visit to Emeka’s parent’s house, she adorns this orange and milk color coral crystal necklace, and Emeka’s mom loved and complimented her choice of jewelry. Emeka’s mom picks an instant interest in Olivia and also gifts her one of her coral bead necklaces for keeps. Emeka was thankful that his mom was finally warming up to his fiancée.

One can wear this coral crystal necklace over any light-colored outfit, traditional attire, and stylish modern outfits. Like red coral beads, this orange coral necklace can be worn over almost any outfit color and still blend in perfectly.

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