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Novica Handmade Necklaces

One time Christie had to travel to Venice on a business trip. She also planned to catch a little holiday cruise while in Italy. Given that Christie liked to travel light, she needed one jewelry that would fit for all outfits she had packed for her trip.

The Novica Handmade Necklace is an interestingly intrinsic piece of ornament designed with a certain set of individuals in mind. Its design and color tripartite comprising golden, red and silver unlock doors of endless possibilities making it colorfully satisfying for persons like Christie.

A captivating arrangement of golden, red and earth-colored bulbs and trinkets with a unique pendant which gives it a natural-looking appearance. This Novica classic design can be worn to romantic dates, birthday bash, fashion events and even mildly formal occasions.

This Nordica necklace and earrings can be worn with just about any type and color of outfit. If you are dressing traditional, matching shoes of either of its tripartite colors will do justice. If you are rocking it for a formal occasion, take our word for it that it will pair well with any set of formal footwear you can come up with.

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