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Maya Crystal Beaded Necklace

A tastefully colored Maya Crystal Beaded Necklace with the potential to match with a number of other colors. Its color tripartite of purple, brown and golden creates an endless possibility of being worn over a number of outfits bearing either one or all of its colors.

A side placed floral pendant of white, brown and golden colors was placed on a background of crystal purple bead lines to achieve the tasteful color combination of the Maya Crystal Bead Necklace. The Maya Crystal Beaded Necklace with its earrings can be rocked to special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and church.

A golden outfit perspective may also be introduced as a perfect match for this jewelry. You can also adorn this necklace with universal colored outfits such as silver, white or black dresses.

Pairing it with a multicolored outfit will also produce a fashionable result. The most successful fashionistas are the ones who push the limits of unusual fashion. A Maya Beaded Necklace can present unusual possibilities for its adorners if its colors are rightly utilized.

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